Do you brush your teeth BEFORE or AFTER breakfast?

July 16, 2007 1:10pm CST
Do you brush your teeth BEFORE or AFTER breakfast? - A picture of cute boy brushing his teeth. Taken with permission from .
I remember that brushing my teeth used to be the first thing I did each morning. After all, I was taught to behave like a good boy and that meant adhering strictly to the "morning ritual". :-) That however changed after I grew up and started seeing my own dentist. From her, I realized the need for flossing (too late) and that brushing need not actually be the very first thing to do. After all, if I have brushed and flossed thoroughly just before I slept, my mouth is theoretically clean. And so in the morning, I would just gargle with plain water, then proceed to eat my breakfast. It is only after I have eaten my breakfast would I do my first brushing of the day. What about you? Do you brush your teeth BEFORE breakfast? Or do you brush AFTER? Or do you brush only once a week when you feel like it? Do share your thoughts. :-) PS.: I am "giving" away US$60 per person. Please pm me if you are interested. If you are not on my friend list, just send a friend request or email me using the online form at . Btw, I do NOT scam so quit reporting me, silly. :P