Would You Move Away From Family...

United States
@twoey68 (13668)
September 28, 2007 8:59pm CST
Have you ever thought of moving away from your family? Do you think you could handle living far away from them? I live within 2 blocks of my Mom, 3 Brothers, Grandma, Niece and Nephew. I see some of them just about every day. I'm also extremely close to my Mom and my Nephew. But sometimes I wish I could pack up and move up North...just b/c that is where I'd like to live. I love the being by the water and although it sounds crazy...no water is like Michigan water...at least to me. But I know that if I ever did I'd miss my Mom, my Nephew and the rest of my family like crazy. So I stay where I am for now. Would you stay somewhere to be by those that you are closest to? **AT PEACE WITHIN** ~~STAND STRONG IN YOUR BELIEFS~~