What do you do?

October 4, 2007 3:53am CST
What else do you do whilst sitting at your computer? I have a compluse need to snack...not good for the waist
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• Morocco
7 Oct 07
hi i just work at my PC; also i listen to music at the same time but you know you have apsolutly to forget this habit its not good at all for your healt and for your waistand tack some good habit like drinking whater; listing to music and so one
8 Oct 07
yeah definitly, i just wieghed myself in response to another post, and it isn't good!!
• India
7 Oct 07
I dont have any eating habit while using computer.But,i listen to music while working on computer.
• Morocco
7 Oct 07
me too i have any eating habit; seriously you right i think when we listen music we can forget eating
@kwenge (2493)
• Kenya
28 Nov 07
I had a craving for sweets and snacks but I came up with a solution later on. Now I have a 1 litre bottle of water and a glass here near me. Everytime I crave for a snack, I take a glass of water. this keeps my system clean, my trips to the loo increase hence exercise and no toxins and calories.heheheeeeeee, i manage it well.
@wolfie34 (26816)
• United Kingdom
28 Nov 07
One thing I DON'T do is drink at my desk because I am such a clumsy clot that I tend to spill my drinks over the keyboard and it gets expensive keep replacing them, I do get hungry but I never eat at my desk because it gives me a chance to move away from the screen to give my eyes a rest and to walk about rather than sitting for too long. I also listen to my music and at night have my headphones on not to disturb anyone else.
@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
25 Nov 07
I do yuwie and mylot at the same time. my computer desk is always a mess, so I try to clean it up too. My computer desk is in my laundry room, so I throw in a load of clothes in between visiting friends pages.
@franziska (411)
• Italy
22 Nov 07
I usually eat sweets without sugar so I don't have the problem of the waist! And sometimes I draw absurd drawings on a paper near the keyboard.
@feralwoman (2199)
• Australia
8 Oct 07
I listen to music, drink tea and have a smoke. I spend a lot of time on the laptop for work, so I've got to do other things to alleviate the tediousness!!!! LOL ;)
@jatamogue (367)
• Philippines
6 Oct 07
I do get hungry while infront of the PC. I just resolve to eating a small biscuit and a cool drink. I stop for 5 minutes and the hunger goes away. Some people say that appetites are good for 20 minutes after eating something. You'll feel full after 20 minutes.
• Philippines
5 Oct 07
oh my, same here. I eat and noticed increase in my waist size. Gosh, I have to exercise. Thanks