Have you ever fallen down on your butt?

@CanadaGal (4307)
February 17, 2008 10:45am CST
falling down on ice - what I looked like falling down on the ice
An odd question perhaps? But one I think we can all relate to. Have you ever fallen down on your butt? What were the circumstances? Did you get hurt badly? Did anyone see you? Did they laugh? Did you laugh at yourself? The reason I decided to ask this question, is because, yes, just a short while ago I fell flat on my butt. And boy does it hurt! I was putting some garbage into the bins out back, and although it is raining here today, it did not look icy on the back steps. I admit, I wasn't paying full attention to the steps themselves, because I was a bit concerned at the water pooling up at the bottom of the steps and the side of the house. One step down, and the next thing I knew, "KABOOM!!". I was down on my butt, in that very same puddle of concern. Yes, the steps are coated in a fine sheet of ice. The really really slippery crystal clear kind of ice. Yes, my butt was soaked. My left slip on shoe landed about 4 feet away, in a snow bank in front of the shed. I have to admit, I find that the funniest part. I am also a bit in awe at the fact the right shoe stayed on my right foot. Yay me! I am almost certain I'm going to end up with some major bruising, mostly on my right butt cheek and upper leg. I do not bruise easily, but that was a pretty big fall, and I'm on blood thinners now too. And yes, I did laugh at myself. As far as I know, no one saw me make my fall, but I'm sure they would have laughed hysterically if they did.