Does anyone have linoleum flooring any more?

United States
March 8, 2008 10:58am CST
Do you remember linolium floors? - linoleum floors
I just read an article saying that linoleum is making a comeback for use on floors and I remember a time when that was all that was available. My Mom used to use the big roll it came on when she made her bed and she covered it with the chenille was used instead of pillows...oh so many years ago! They are saying it's "greener" becaue it's made of linseed oil, jute, wood, cork and rosin when in contrast vinyl flooring is madr from a petroleum product that releases cancer causing dioxins during production. It also cleans up nicer and it lasts longer! Does anyone still use linoleum on their floors? Do you remember when you did? What are your thoughts on it?