What comes to your mind when you hear that your BF/GF got drunk?

April 4, 2008 1:36pm CST
For me... maybe he has very big problem and he even cant share with me. Or its because his boss treat him... ahahah. He still has his own life... i give him freedom also, so i wont get mad. Maybe i just contact him the day after... only that.
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4 Apr 08
I'd wonder why I wasn't invited... wait, this is aimed at non-drinkers, right? Shucks.
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@Fidget (291)
5 Apr 08
@saundyl (9690)
• Canada
4 Apr 08
Honestly...i'd think he was just unwinding. Its not like he goes and does it all the time but its also not like hes going and doing it because hes mad or anything...he does it for fun...like while watching hockey. Id also figure ok hes gonna fall asleep pretty soon. I wouldnt be mad...mabye a bit bored if i was at his house and he was sleeping..id have to find something online to do.
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@kezabelle (2985)
4 Apr 08
I would actually be really concerned if he came home really drunk, ive never known him get drunk ever so it would take a lot for him to be drunk so I would be worried.
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@secretbear (19464)
• Philippines
8 Apr 08
if i heard that my BF got drunk, i would think "why didn't he take me with him?" i would have gladly accompanied him in drinking. but then, i would think that he was probably with his friends, co-workers, or just like you said, with the boss. i also prefer that my boyfriend has a life of his own. because i have. i will give him freedom too to do things that won't harm our relationship. but at times that we are facing problems, if i heard that he got drunk, i might think "he's probably broken or hurt as i am or helpless as i am". and maybe i would call him the next day depending on the situation.
• Singapore
8 Apr 08
yeah... the same with my opinion... i will call him on the next day. thanks for sharing! have a nice day!
@Yum2008 (29)
• China
23 May 08
Got drunk, I may first think she may be hurt. She is happy person, these things little happen on her.