New Atom Smasher Possible Doomsday machine?

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April 19, 2008 5:46pm CST
I read that the most powerful atom smasher is about to be tested sometime this summer 300 feet underground. The expirement is to re-create a mini-big bang. There is a group of scientests who are trying to stop the testing from taking place. There is a small chance that the test might create a black hole. Defenders of the project state that the black hole will be the size of a pencil head and it will be short lived, less than a second. Critics say that there is no guarantee that the black hole will not grow and will "die out." Aside from this, scientests think this might lead to the creation of "strange matter" and the discovery of other dimensions not currently known to us. In a way, this is exciting. Perhaps this is the key to intergalactic travel, or even time travel. On the other hand, this could open up a pandora's box - Is this an experiment worth pursuing? There are always unintended consequences in these actions, but in this case, we are talking about unintended and unknown consequences. I'm pretty sure this will go forward, but should it? Do you think this could be a posible doomsday machine?
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31 Mar 09
Here is link to a short story I've written on just this topic. It is call "Black Hole the perfect Doomsday Machine." It answers many of the questions that people are asking: It is a chilling work of short fiction. Go to:
@irdsm1 (288)
• United States
27 Apr 08
The chances of this turning into any sort of worldwide danger are minuscule, almost not even worth mentioning. However, I encourage everyone to panic about it and complain and cause a big ruckus because it would be really funny, so do it for the lulz. Dan
@xtedaxcvg (3190)
• Philippines
20 Apr 08
My sentiments are divided on this one. Part of me wants to see what this new discover may lead to. The other part strongly objects on this as it may lead to our uttermost destruction. I guess I need to read more about this one..
@myklj999 (19857)
20 Apr 08
It's possible. I addressed this in a discussion a couple weeks ago I guess we'll soon know. To me it's just like the atom bomb; some were afraid it (the chain reaction) would just keep going. There's no reason not to go forward; if it's time for the earth to end, it's gonna end, and if it's not time, it won't.
20 Apr 08
This could have some dier consiquinses indeed. A black hole of anysize is still a black hole and it will want to increas it's mass by swallowing up all that it can. And the "strange matter" you speak of, is this possible the "God Molocule"? This excellorater is very dangerous for other reasons as well. time travel is a possibillity, the general relitivity theory says that time deliniation can becoused by strong magnetic feilds like those coused by black holes. On a religious point of veiw, well I won't post what i think this will do, only say let it happen
@clrumfelt (5428)
• United States
19 Apr 08
Why would they test such a thing with so many unknowns and so many dreadful consequences possible from it? There should be an international committee to keep scientists from going too far with this sort of thing that could endanger not only the ones doing the testing, but could endanger the whole world. Just because science finds a way to do something new doesn't mean it should, and in my opinion this is a perfect example of something that should not be done.