Ears That Keep Getting Infected

United States
@Pigglies (9346)
June 22, 2008 1:37am CST
I've had my ears pierced for I think over 2 years now. I only wear gold earrings, but my ears keep getting infected. I can get them to clear up, but it takes a few months. I've tried using salt water, tried hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and betadine. Eventually, they get better (I have a pair of 24K gold earrings I leave in while they're healing). Then I wear 14K or 18K gold and eventually they get infected again. Sometimes, it starts spontaneously. Other times, it is because I left my earrings out for two days or so and had to re-poke the hole part way. Everyone in my family has a problem keeping their ears pierced it seems. How can ears be so sensitive that even gold is not enough? Has anyone here had ears like this and found something that would work to stop them from getting infected over and over and over again?