Getting fired vs. quitting a job.

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@Marcola (2778)
June 28, 2008 1:49pm CST
What do you think is worse? Obviously, getting fired isn't the most positive thing. However, I have a friend who once told me thats it's better to be fired than to quit, because when you quit, you do it for your own selfish reasons and basically, you're a quitter. I guess he took a class and learned this. If you get fired because you don't do anything on the job, that's your own fault, but if you get fired over something stupid like, "Oh, you're not working fast enough!" and then you think, "Well, I'm doing the best I can based on the working conditions here." I'm asking this because I just started a new job and I'm a little paranoid about getting fired. I, of course, try my best, but it seems most employers are unreasonable. I've only had two days of work and on my second day, they're already on my a$$! Don't they realize it takes time to learn a new job and all the fancy equipment that goes with it?!