What do you see when you look up into the sky?

United States
July 18, 2008 8:10pm CST
Right now, go to your window and tell me what you see. Are you looking at the same sky as me? Are we sharing this moment? When I look up at the sky, I see the stars and moon and the skyline with assorted palm trees and roof tops. That's what I see from my window. Sometimes, when I gaze up into the night sky I can see the future. Or, at least it feels that way. I wonder if the sky will look so lovely and uncluttered when my daughter grows up. Maybe our tranquil sky will be replaced by skyscrapers and pollution. But for now, she gazes up at the moon and dreams the wonderful and innocent dreams of a child! What do you see when you stare up into the night sky? Do you dream of the past or future as you look upwards? What do you think about? Do you wonder if aliens are looking down on us as we look back up at them?