I quit my job to take care of my mother

United States
@mnflower (1306)
July 21, 2008 4:35pm CST
Ok lots of people think that I should of went to work and gone to my mothers side when I could be here is my guestion what would you do? If your mother was taken by the ambulance with breathing problems and when you got there within 7 hours she was taken to the icu unit and put on life support would you walk away and say well I have to go to work? Well I could not do that so I called and quit my job for I am the only girl in the family and the stronger that keeps the family together, so I took it upon myself to sit by her side daily ..She was on full life support for 4 days and icu for another 3 days on iv's. she was then sent home 3 days later and she still could not walk so I took my time to spend another week to be there with my father to help get my mother back and forth to dr. appt. and to help him getting her walking again, she now starts theraphy tues.. So can you tell me did I do wrong by quiting my job? What would you of done?