Does your child ever tell you to shut up?

United States
July 27, 2008 3:53am CST
My daughter picked up this nasty phrase "Shut up!" from a movie. Or, at least, I think she did. The first time I heard those words coming out of her mouth at me, I was stunned. I had no idea she would even want to say such a thing to me. We had a very long and serious talk about appropriate language and when/where you could or could not say certain things. Now if she feels like saying those things, she says them to the wall or one of her stuffed toys. I still don't like the words, "Shut up!" cause it's so rude. But I guess it's better that she say it to something inanimate than one of her parents. Kids get frustrated too and need a safe way to vent. Has your child ever told you to shut up?