Talking to Other Women On-line..Cheating? Or Not?

United States
@Wyldrose (1217)
August 14, 2008 3:40pm CST
If you are married and your husband starts talking to other women online, would you consider that cheating? I have a friend whose husband did that exact thing. She thought they had a really good marriage..she was happy, he was happy..they got along great and rarely had an argument. Well the husband starting acting different and the wife couldn't figure out what was going on. After a lot of thought and then some debate, she decided to go into his email and see if she could figure out anything from that. Well, lo and behold, she found a couple of emails from a couple of different women. Of course she read them...Then, being computer savvy, she started doing some more checking around. She knew that he had two different email accounts, so checked the other one too. There were pictures of women and emails from them. There was also emails from a singles site so of course she checked that out too. And, you guessed it...he was putting an ad on a singles site. Well when she confronted him, he denied all of it. But got mad at her for looking at his personal email. Well after that confrontation, things seemed to go a little better but then she decided to check out the site that they had cell phone service with. Well this site had a list of all phone calls made and recieved and they were listed daily. There were numbers on there she didn't recognize so she googled them and some were...yep, you guessed again...other women. Women she found out later he met on the internet. Well they must of worked it out because they are still together, but I was wondering, what do y'all think? Would you consider this a form of cheating? He never actually "met" these women but talked to them on the phone and emailed them. No physical contact was ever made. But, still, he was doing this all behind her back and it really hurt her....