Need help with baking brownies

United States
@coffeebreak (17829)
September 4, 2008 8:59pm CST
Whether box mix or from scratch, when I make brownies - the edge of the "cake" that sticks to the pan - it is ALWAYS hard and basically impossible to cut away from the edge of hte pan. I can cut the edge away from the pan and it remains on the brownie square, but so hard you can't eat it. I have tried to cut it off, but it just messes up the square. I use glass pan 9x9x2, and lower the temp by 25* as glass retains heat more than metal and makes the cake cook longer, even tho it is sitting on a cooling rack cooling. So my question is;;; What do I need to change to make the brownies so they don't bake to the edge of the pan so dang hard! I koow I can't grease the sides or the batter won't rise. But other than that...what do I do?