Do you feel unsatisfied with your life at the moment?

September 15, 2008 9:25am CST
I do, I dont really know why to, maybe its a phase? Anyways, lately Ive been feelign very unsatisfied where my life is. Yeah im young, but for the past two years, I thought when I came to this age, Id be away at college, living in dorms, pretty much just loving life and getting the whole "college experience". And now that it comes down to it, I couldnt afford going away so I had to go to the community college in town and go to school, go to work, go home. Thats my everday routine. I also picture myself away at college and single, and im tied down with a serious boyfriend. Not like any of that is a bad thing. Just I never ended up doing what for the past two years i thought Id be doing and it makes me feel like im really missing out. I never got the whole prom experience (my boyfriend was so sick we went then had to leave so he could go to bed..) and now im missing out on the college one. Do you feel unsatisfied lately with your life and where its headed? Did you always picture something different for yourself?