Would you put a mentally challenged person into a group home?

United States
October 2, 2008 8:19pm CST
I have a mentally challenged sister who is nearing 40 years old. My dad is 71 and my mom is 59. My sister throws temper tantrums that consist of constant screaming about the most random things and chucking objects at everyone, usually I am the target if I am in the room. So far this week she has had three outrageous fits. I've gotten hit with an ashtray, kicked in the side, kicked in the throat, had a full glass of iced tea thrown at me, and she tried to pick up a glass end table and throw it at me but it was attached to our swing outside. We recently changed her workshop and she hates it there because no one gives into her. She is used to being babied by my mom and she throws fits because we stopped letting her have her way all the time. She went to her workshop this week and they sent her home because she was rolling around on the ground screaming and kicking like a child. One time, we had the cops called on us because the neighbors thought we were abusing her. My parents are considering putting her into a group home because they can no longer handle her. She cannot bathe herself, she is too lazy to change her own clothes, and will not take action to do anything unless she absolutely has to. However, there is much controversy about it because it is their daughter and it would really hurt her feelings. I guess what I'm asking is would you do it under these circumstances and why or why not?