Nice Motif for a Wedding

October 5, 2008 11:24pm CST
I am getting married early next year and i realized that planning a wedding can indeed be stressful as there are just too many things to think about. But after being stressed and panicking for about a week, i have finally learned to relax and take things one at a time. I realized that little things can indeed be very hard to the wedding motif. i really never thought that i would have a hard time deciding on the motif to use. My first choice is lavender as it is really my favorite color, but then my sister said that it is a color for mourning here in the Philippines so it is not very good for weddings. So that's when i had a hard time choosing... i contemplated on using lavender and gold ( apparently if it is combined with something then it's alright), red and gold, green and pink, blue and yellow. Until i have finally decided on lavender and red. what do you think of this motif guys?