Did you have a favorite teacher in school?

@ersmommy1 (12600)
United States
October 21, 2008 7:56am CST
Was there someone who inspired you to do well. A class that you enjoyed more than others. Did you do well in the class? Or just like being around the teacher. My social studies teacher was it for me. He had a very dynamic personality. You just wanted to learn being in his class.
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@lilybug (21148)
• United States
21 Oct 08
My favorite teacher in school was a teacher that most kids did not like. His name was Mr. Townsend. He was a very interesting guy. I actually had him for 3 classes my senior year of high school.
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@rrowenaa (834)
• Philippines
27 Oct 08
I excel in class if my teacher is very approachable and really knows the subject she/he teaches. I like my social studies teacher in highschool, she really uplifted the self esteem of her students, when we participate in her discussions and answered correctly, she would say "Excellent!" "Perfect!" Another one is my Biology teacher, i like her style very much that i was the only student in her class who got an exemption to the periodical exam. =)
• United States
23 Oct 08
I can't remember any specific favorite teacher in school. I liked several teachers at the time, but none made a special lasting impression on me.
@laydee (12813)
• Philippines
21 Oct 08
Oh yeah I did have one, in fact it was also my social studies teacher in my senior year in High school. She was so cool and yet so motherly, she showed us that life isn't about rules but how you deal with everything life throws at you. It was fun for me at the same time we learned a lot, and not just for our social studies subject. She was also our class adviser and we really bonded with her. One story I couldn't forget was about how she met her husband. You see, they married late and she told us that love would really change a person. She told us that mature love is a love that isn't based on pure emotion, it's based too on how you deal with the person, if you love the person, you can accept the challenges (of course without being overly martyr about it) she told us that one of the challenging thing that her husband did to her was to make her carry a crumpled paper bag with lots of things in it, it may sound petty but for someone who's a little bit on the top of the social ladder, it was humiliating to wait for someone in a public area carrying that. It was hilarious, but she told us that she did that and her husband came to her laughing because he knew she didn't like the thought of carrying that thing. Oh well, that was one of her finest stories about life, and we sure did learn a lot from her and truly I miss her. Her name is Mrs. Helen Bello. The best teacher and class adviser I've even came across with!
@Humbug25 (12551)
21 Oct 08
Hi there ersmommy1 When I was in my junior school I had a teacher called Mr Hindle he was the first male teacher I had and as my dad had just left our home I looked up to him. I was teacher's pet too, he was always really nice to me.
@aditya540 (328)
• India
21 Oct 08
my favourit teacher in school is english ma'm but the twist is she hates me a lot coz i play lots and lots of pranks so she used to punish me daily but i used to admire her and she is my fav teacher coz i have learned good communication skills from her