An Earring Got Stuck Inside My Daughter's Earlobe!!! What Shall I Do Now!!?!!

United States
@schulzie (4075)
October 26, 2008 4:25am CST
Today I checked my daughter's earrings and noticed that one of her earrings was missing. Well, I saw the backing was on her ear and her ears had been having reactions to her earrings so I had given her ears a break. Anyways, I tried to remove the backing from her ear I felt a lot of resistance and my daughter yelped in pain and to my horror I saw that the earring was stuck inside of her ear! So, I wiggled around on her earlobe where the earring should have been and I saw a little twinkling that was the cubic zirconia part of the earring itself peaking out from inside her piercing. So, I gently applied slight pressure from the back of her earlobe towards the front and stretched the skin until it came back out the front of her earlobe. She was bleeding and crying and I felt just awful for her. I gave her some childrens Tylenol and put the antiseptic cleaner that I got from Claire's when her sister got her ears pierced. After I cleaned her ear really well I left all earrings out of her ears and put Neosporin on her earlobe and am going to keep an eye on it. Has anyone else here had this problem? What kind of earrings can I use on her now? The hole is pretty large due to this and I usually put post earrings on her. Would small hoops be a better option? I don't want the holes to seal up and I do realize that I should wait for them to heal a little before attempting to put another pair of earrings on her. Any prior experience with this or advice would be great. I had thought about taking her to the doctor, but I don't think that they could really do anything for her at this point. I just want to make sure she doesn't get an infection and that the hole becomes smaller - the way it is supposed to be. Have a great day and happy myLotting!!!