Snoring, wheezing, and other breathing problems

United States
@webeishere (36386)
November 12, 2008 11:20am CST
3 a.m. and still awake - Laying down after an early morning romp outside in the snow and cold of a Minnesotan November morning.
This discussion was inspired by another members discussion about people talking in their sleep etc. My beagle, Buster, seems to have a breathing disorder or problem. He wheezes, snores, grunts, and hacks while sleeping. It doers not seem to annoy or pester him as he does sleep well otherwise. But when watching a movie etc it bothers me & I will wake him telling him, "Buster you're snoring too loud." Something along those lines. When he is awake his breathing etc is fine. Does your pet do this at all? Is it a normal thing for dogs to do or a beagle trait at all? Is there something I can do naturally to ease his breathing at nights etc? I can not afford a vet visit etc so that's out of the question. Any and all help/advice will be greatly appreciated. HAPPY POSTINGS FROM GRANDPA BOB!!~