I am very poor

February 2, 2009 7:01pm CST
Yes I am very poor that my kids somethimes go hungry to bed, I dont have money to pay my bills. I cant afford formula for the baby nor could I afford diapers. Oh and by the way I smoke a packet a day, drink like fish, have mobile (with credit on it) and have computer and internet. I come across this situations so much that its starting to piss me off. I had to go to centrelink (which is like social security) to show them that my son started school and when my baby is due. Outside and inside there were lots of people waiting. I have absolutly no problem with people geting money from social security (I am one of them but I recive carer payment for my disabled son). What gets me is how they complain that they dont get enough and on my way in I had to pass about 10 of them with smokes in their hands with phones ringing all the time (one even had a bottle of wiskey in the pram) and when their turn comes they complain how they are starving. There is also this documentary about this family. This lady had 5 kids smoked all the time and drank a lot. They had nothing at home of value. She made sure she had enough money for beer and smokes and what was left was for everything else. Her kids had nothing to eat and the amount of fights and abuse in that home made me cry. What is your solution to this? Do you think its fair for parents to put their need infront of the kids? Does it make you angry seen how some people can afford smokes but not food?