17 year olds and R rated movies.... isn't this a PARENTING choice??

United States
@mommyboo (13267)
February 18, 2009 11:59am CST
I recently discovered via a lovely SIGN at my local movie theater that even when someone is 17 (which is the age you can see a 'restricted' rated movie), they cannot buy multiple tickets. Furthermore, they expect a parent or guardian to not only BUY the tickets for anybody 17 or under but they also must buy themselves a ticket and go to the SAME movie? Now why is this? First of all I think this is ridiculous in the fact that it definitely is cutting revenue available PLUS I know because I have teen kids that it also ups the sneaking around part. Many many kids will sneak in rather than try to pass off being 17 or older to buy a ticket because of the stupid rule. Even at my age and having kids, I don't blame them at all. Not if they are SEVENTEEN. Secondly - the R ratings. I never had an issue with either of my teens seeing something that might be rated R, not by the time they were 16, 17. This didn't necessarily mean that my hubby and I WANTED to purchase tickets for the SAME movie and go sit in there with them - albeit in the back while the kids went and sat in the nosebleed FRONT *grumble*. If they want to watch Jason hack up Freddy while the Transporter pops in to remove one of them, fine, but we'd rather see our brand of movie and leave the kids to theirs. Can't this be a parenting decision? Granted some parents don't want their kids to see ANY movies and are grateful for any stepping in that lawmakers do to prevent kids from having a good time, but other parents get pretty irritated with things like this. I'm already gritting my teeth with the idea that when my five year old daughter is a teenager that I will have to go waste my afternoon not even WITH her but with buying tickets for her and her friend(s) or dates so they can go see a movie they want to see - and I'll have to pay the $12 (or whatever it costs by then) to get into a movie I don't even want to see!