Can you fall in love with an Ugly person?

@ana3173 (420)
March 15, 2009 2:15pm CST
ugly - ugly woman
most of the people says Love is blind. I would be lying if i say that looks does not matter. but according to somebody who consider look first, that if a person is ugly prepare to live alone, hahaha funny but its true, my cousin who is a joker tells this to my helper that " do not get married, i just wish you're the last ugly person in your clan". the only person who can possibly love you is someone equally ugly also. though hes ugly but hes kind to us. but falling in love to a non-good looker is not a big question of blinded love. beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder. everyone has a standard of beauty, you fall in love its not because of the outside beauty but its the personality of a person. for example heidi klum and seal, its her personal choice,loving someone who is not attractive is not a sin, we could not condemn somebody for falling in love for unattractive person. he may have weird hair, crooked teeth or whatever looks you may have considered ugly but when you are in love those imperfections turns out to be beautiful to your eyes. yes its hard to explain, but the meaning of true love that i believe in is not based in beauty alone. how long will a handsome face last? and how long the good character traits last? yes we are really attracted to super handsome guy but what the kind of love this man could offer us? so can you fall in love with an ugly person?