Do you watch QI?

@RieRie (821)
November 11, 2006 5:39pm CST
I'm not sure if it's only on in England, but if you watch it, have you learnt anything you didn't know before?
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@nannacroc (4049)
12 Nov 06
Yes, it's brilliant and I've learned even more useless information. I now know that Innuit could be an insult to someone who wasn't an Innuit. Also that there are only three Innuit words for snow.
@RieRie (821)
12 Nov 06
It was four words for snow, it is good isn't it and Alan has managed to get plus points a few times too :)
@Torunn (2810)
• Norway
8 Apr 12
Yes, I've learned a lot :-) It's never too cold to snow. Bananas are berries. Wood-chuckers have very long tongues and have ears on the tip of their tongues. Rich Hall is extremely charming when he smiles :-) Birds shouldn't eat chocolate. The dryest area in the world is in the Antartic. Humans taste-buds grow out again every 5 days. Humans can get poisoned by about 10 kg of chocolate. The worlds longest animal is not the Blue Whale. The Blue whale can't eat anything bigger than a grapefruit. Ballet is forbidden in one of the old Soviet states. Thomas Becket was not called Thomas A Becket.
@dorypanda (1584)
12 Nov 06
Yes I do, and funnily enough I do empathise with Alan Davies. I have learnt loads of stuff I didn't know before, but because I only have a three second memory I can't remember what it was I already did know and what it was I didn't know, so I can't tell you what I now know that I didn't know that I do know now. :)
@pumpkinjam (5782)
• United Kingdom
12 Nov 06
I love it. I just wish it was on a bit earlier. I like useless information and QI is full of it. I did already know quite a lot of the things which have been said this current series but I have learnt a few things, I also learnt that there were only 4 Innuit words for snow and 32 words for demonstrative pronouns!