Have you ever sold at a car boot sale?

@maximax8 (28958)
United Kingdom
May 16, 2009 6:51am CST
I think that I would like to get a table and sell things on it at car boot sale this summer. I often do clutter clearing and have much stuff that I could sell to make extra money. I would have to be careful not to buy anymore things from other seller's tables. Have you ever sold at a car boot sale? If so how did it go? If not would you be interested in that way of making extra money?
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@maezee (34508)
• United States
16 May 09
I have no idea what a "car boot sale" is! Care to explain a little more? To answer your question, though, I also LOVE to clean out clutter and get rid of things - and of course making a few extra bucks never hurt anyone. I usually sell them at friends' garage sales (although this year I'm having my own!) . I would definitely be interested. I'm not much of a gargage-sale-r, but I like the idea of selling your stuff for super-cheap and "recycling" it by selling it to the next person.
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16 May 09
Car boot (think you call them 'trunks' in the States) sales are very common in England. You take your car to a car park/ parking lot. Pay an entrance fee, that quite often goes to a charity or at least a proportion does. If you are selling, you are usually get in early, so as to have chance to set up your 'stall'. Most people seem to take a table along with them too. Then sell things from your car boot/ trunk and/ or table. Some people just want to come along and buy, so they come along a little later, generally pay a lesser entrance fee and browse around. Hope that explains things!
23 May 09
At the moment we are redecorating and I plan to have a cra boot later on in the summer as I used to do them all the time and used to make a fair bit for each one - with the amount of stuff I have I expect to be able to make around £100 for the day!
@guybrush (4660)
• Australia
21 May 09
We are hoping to sell our house and move soon, so I'd LOVE to have a garage sale and get rid of all the clutter we've collected over 30 years. The trouble is, we're too shy to do it!
@Darkwing (21588)
19 May 09
I went with my son and daughter in law once. They take a decorating table with them, which folds up and isn't too heavy. It serves the purpose of a counter well. I did wander around with the grandkids for a bit and in fact, bought a couple of bits but I didn't spend too much and I enjoyed myself. Brightest Blessings.
@UK_Shree (3604)
16 May 09
I have never done this before but it would be a great idea for me to do it as I have a ton of things that I do not use anymore and am always struggling to find a place to keep them! In addition I have a lot of old books which I would never throw as I do not believe in throwing books away and would love to think that they were passed onto to someone who might want to read them. Also getting a bit of spare cash right now would really help me!
@Jemina (5783)
16 May 09
Me and husband went a few times. We had lots of Jerusalem artichokes these past couple of months they sold pretty good. Also husband got lots of unwanted stuff and car boot sale is a brilliant way to get rid of them, eh? Anyway, I was able to buy a hyacinth for 10p. Love the bargains.
@ellie333 (21029)
16 May 09
Hi Maximax, I have done a fair few car bots in my time and used to thoroughly enjoy them. Once I had got rid of the dealers trying to look before I had even taken my stuff out I used to set the pasteboard table up and depending on the person buying set the price. I remember one time being offered £6 for a plate and refusing and later in the day a little old man came along and he had tears in his eyes as it said it would make up his original set that him and his wife had been bought for their wedding and one had been broken and she had now passed on, I let him have it for 10p but I still made £60 that day. These days I tend to Freecycle or pass stuff on to charity shops and among friends and gets lots back this way too but if the weather good a great way to spend a Sunday, they do afternoon ones nows which is even better as I used to have to get up real early for some back then. Huggles. Ellie :D
16 May 09
Nope! Saying that I helped out as a volunteer stewarding a car boot sale, for Exeter Friends for Animals. In return our group got a share of the admission charge, which gave quite a healthy boost to EFFA's funds! The venue seemed quite strange for an animal welfare/ rights group in that the site was by the Exeter Livestock Market! Hopefully we were able to impart some good vibrations to the place! . Personally, I donate most things I no longer have a use for (mainly clothes, sometimes books etc) to charity shops/ thrift stores. Talking about extra money, it was good to see a payment of £7+ in my paypal account - first payout from myLot! Wouldn't like to work out how many hours I had to work for it, but enjoyed doing it anyway!!!