How Do You Deal With Someone Who Is Miserable?

United Kingdom
@wolfie34 (26875)
June 13, 2009 3:32pm CST
What is your attitude towards someone who is miserable or walks around with a sad, miserable face? Do you feel sorry for them, or do you steer well clear of them? Do you wonder what they have to be miserable about and do you think being miserable is infectious? Or do you have a friend or work colleague who is always miserable do you give up on them and does everyone give on the miserable person because they know whatever they do they cannot make them happy? Do you have a partner who is miserable or an ex partner that was so miserable that you had to ditch them because it was making life unbearable? Do you have patience with miserable people or do you think they may look miserable but are actually fun people deep down. I tend to be miserable a lot I have to admit most of the time I have a face that says leave me alone, I guess it's because I am an unsociable person and more of a loner in life and I don't want contact from people Do you think some people actually enjoy being miserable or go out of their way to be miserable not to attract self pity but because they want to be left alone?