How Can My Own Family Member Steal Money From Me?

United States
@payout (3698)
July 22, 2009 3:28pm CST
mad face - A Mad Face...
I'm very upset my own cousin thought Well I guess he thought it was okay for him to take some money I had in my room. I also notice that some clothes were sort of search through as well. My boyfriend left his pants and shirt from his job at my dads House. We notice that they weren't in the same stop and looks like someone was in the pockets. My boyfriend told me where is the money. I save my simple change I know it was over dollar. even if it was 25 cents or even a simple nickel . It's not okay if you just take it when I'm gone. So yeah I'm very Mad.. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF YOUR OWN FAMILY MEMBER STEAL MONEY FROM YOU?