Be Aware: The bad effect of cold drinks on body and intestins!!

August 14, 2009 11:41pm CST
Do u all know that the cold drinks which we all drink so delightfully melts the bone and teeth. The pH level of cold drinks or rather all the soft drinks is 3.4, which is sufficient to melt teeth and bones. Approximately after 30 years of age the manufacture of bones in our body, stops. After that age depending on the %cent of acidity in our foods, our bones and teeth starts melting. If taken health wise then these drinks does not contain a single trace of vitamins and other nutrients. These contain sugar,carbonic acid and other acid in heavy amount. Average temperature of our body is 37degree Celsius. whereas the temperature of these drinks are far below near about 0degree Celsius. The large difference in temperature has a very bad effect on our digestive system. As a result the food does not digests completely and this causes gas and bad smell which spreads in our body and mouth and causes bad smelling mouth and many other diseases. In an experiment a tooth was kept in the bottle of a common cold drink for 10 days. After 10 days when the bottle was reopened for checking, the tooth was not there, it disappeared i.e. got dissolved in the drink! So just think when so strong teeth could not bear the bad effects of these cold drinks,then what would be the condition of delicate and soft intestines where drinks stay for hours!! So kindly spread this message and stay healthy!