He has mental issues? PLEASE!

@ersmommy1 (12600)
United States
September 2, 2009 6:08pm CST
I don't know about you. But if some stranger came up and started slapping my child in the face I'd go ballistic! For me this is just another reason to stay away from Wal moart or do more shopping on line. I realize that some children go a bit too far with tantrums out in public, but this was so uncalled for I can't even imagine it. Would you be able to forgive this jerk? http://www.cbsatlanta.com/news/20684677/detail.html
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• United States
3 Sep 09
I don't think retreating from the Walmart stores for online-only shopping is a good idea. Seems like a step down the road towards agoraphobia. Simple truth: you can completely get away from the crazies. As to slapping my child... well, I have no idea what my reaction would have been. Odds are good it would not have been a well-mannered or rational response. It is not the place for anyone except myself to discipline my child. I'm sure this qualifies as some sort of assault, right?
• United States
20 Sep 09
I know that in my town spanking or slapping a child is abuse. I would have to smash that man right in the face for touching my child!!!!!!!!!!!! I would not care if I went to jail! No one, I mean, no one is going to treat my child like that!!!
@Hatley (164485)
• Garden Grove, California
26 Sep 09
If a stranger walked up to my child and slapped her he would 'wish he had never seen me, I would kick him in the balls and make him keel over.He would hope to get away before I laid him flat. when my kids were little nobody touched them but me and their daddy. nobody, noway no how.
@mtdewgurl74 (18118)
• United States
3 Sep 09
I know it says we are supposed to forgive and forget..but seriously if someone slapped a child of mine or even a family member they would be hurt and walking funny for at least a month later. I would never let someone get away with slapping my child like that I would have pushed them away from my child before they could slap them the first time.
@twoey68 (13651)
• United States
3 Sep 09
It's unbelievable that anyone would think it's allright to hit someone else's child like that. While I agree that crying children can be nerve wracking at times, that doesn't give anyone the right to hit them. I'm glad he was arrested and I really hope that he doesn't claim a "mental issue" and get out of it. [b]~~AT PEACE WITHIN~~ **STAND STRONG IN YOUR BELIEFS**[/b]
@Sissygrl (10915)
• Canada
3 Sep 09
holy moleys! If some man threatened me that he was going to quiet my child, even before the slapping began, I would go OFF. i would hopefully have someone else with me so they can take my kids away so they dont witness me being vile and rude to them! if i was alone. for the sake of my kids, i would call customer service and let them deal with that man.. there are phone around every department in the walmart here. i'm sure if i called the front of the store and complained they would do something about it. I WOULD HOPE. Now, if that man actually SLAPPED one of my kids.. ohh noo.. I would be the one being charged i'm sure!! cause i would kick his @ss so far to the mooon when he came down he'd have no @ss left!!
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
3 Sep 09
There is no way I would put up with that either. I do alot of my shopping online also because it is alot easier and convenient for us and we get free shipping also. We have to travel for miles to shop anyway.
@Care4Pets (179)
• United States
2 Sep 09
This story doesn't at all deter me from shopping at stores, but it definitely made me angry. How dare he strike a child, especially one that isn't his own!!! I don't condone slapping any child, especially in the face, but it's not even his kid!!! UGG!!! I would be so upset if I were that mother!!! I understand that the child was throwing a fit and creating noise. Yes, the mother probably should have removed her from the store, but that isn't his place to say. If the manager wants to kick her out, then fine, but that's not the case. This mother had just as much right to shop at the store as he did. It's unreal how arrogant and abrasive people have become these days. What is wrong with people?!