I would rather a kid get their vitamins from eating fruits and vegetables!

@yparson (582)
United States
September 8, 2009 1:27pm CST
My sister give her child the Flintstones vitamins everyday instead of offering them healthy fruits and vegetables. The vitamins are suppose to be a supplement and shouldn't take the place of eating healthier foods. What would you prefer to give to kids?
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• United States
19 Sep 09
I too would rather see children healthy fruits and vegetables to get their necessary vitamins. I cook plenty of fresh vegetables. I just returned from the grocery store and I purchased plums, apples, and oranges. I was looking from some strawberries, but they did not have them. I still supplement my grand baby with kids vitamins about 5 times a week. I prefer healthy fruits and vegetables.
@lifeplayer (1009)
• Malaysia
9 Sep 09
Natural foods is always preferred. Healthy fruits and vegetables are must, the vitamins supplement is only used when the human being not able to get enough vitamins from the natural food. It just works as an additional backup
@Hatley (164448)
• Garden Grove, California
9 Sep 09
hi yparson Yes the fruits and veggies are the best 'source of vitamins and should be eaten every day'by the whole family and vitamins just as a supplement. There are also some vitamins that are made with more' natual ingredients which you might check out.
@peavey (16876)
• United States
8 Sep 09
I agree. Vitamins are supplements and should be used to supplement a healthy diet. Some of our food nowadays doesn't contain as much value, nutrition wise, as it used to, because of artificial feeding of the crops and long periods between harvesting and eating, so that vitamins are critical to young children. However, if they don't eat fresh vegetables or fruits at all, vitamins cannot fill the gap. Foods have combinations and trace elements that we don't understand yet.
• Indonesia
8 Sep 09
I give my child the vitamin in the syrup form. She's still small. But i use the powder too, it's in the capsule, pull the capsule from both sides then spill the powder into my child's drink, like milk or fruit juice. I prefer milk. The taste is a bit bitter, but with milk it will only make the milk tasted not too sweet. So she likes it. Supplement has more complete vitamins. It contains vitamin A, B, C, calcium too. Of course it's more simple. But fruit and vegetable are also sustaining the supplement's substance. I used the capsule contains vegetable they made into powder.
@ShepherdSpy (8562)
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
8 Sep 09
I'm with You on this one..apart from the vitamins,though important,they're also missing out on the fibre in the fruit and Veg which aids their digestion,and would help fill them up at mealtimes or snacktime,and maybe not getting much junk food ? (I'm making a leap here and presuming this to be one possibility when they're not eating fruit and veggies regularly..apologies if they're otherwise eating healthily!)
• Canada
8 Sep 09
We had vitimines when we were kids, but we also ate a lot of healthy food. I agree with you. Those vitimines are a suppliment, and not intended to take the place of healthier foods. I don't understand these parents who would rather give their kids pills, than give them healthy foods. It just doesn't make sense to me.
@Jemina (5783)
8 Sep 09
You are absolutely right. Vitamins from fruits and vegetables are the best and they are just what our body needs to function at its ultimum level. Our body has its own doctors but if we follow a bad lifestyle, these doctors can't function well. Kids have to be taught to prefer fruits and vegetables over junkfoods and other unhealthy foods then give them vitamin supplements.
@rg0205 (2638)
• Hong Kong
8 Sep 09
It's always best take natural vitamins that are in food. I would only recommend vitamins/supplements if the body has issues of absorbing it. I have difficulty absorbing iron because of a health condition and that is the reason why I would take iron supplements from time to time. Natural is always best.