FINALLY!! The New TV shows STart TONIGHT!!! What are you watching???

United States
September 21, 2009 5:00pm CST
FINALLY, THANK GOD!! The new Season of Television shows are starting TONIGHT....WOOHOOOO!!!! What will you be watching or recording?? I'll be recording all the CBS shows that come on tonight... I'll also be recording NBC shows ( love Hereo's ) that start tonight but I'LL BE WATCHING MY FAVORITE the next three nights and that is DANCING WITH THE STARS!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT SHOW!!! I love to watch the stars that try to dance of course but I dearly love the professionals too they are just mind-blowing, and breath taking in their talents; Only one things worries me, there is THUNDER in the distance here wouldn't you know it? We've needed rain now for WEEKS...and of course tonight of all nights there is stormy weather brewing here in Missouri and that means the news stations will be INTERRUPTING MY SHOWS...ARRRGGHHH!!!!! All I ask God is to NOT lose power (G)!! call me crazy I know but I am looking forward to my shows!! ok the lightning is getting worse now maybe it will be DONE by 7:00 p.m. let's hope huh? guess I'll log off for tonight; So tell me what are you watching??? What shows are you recording tonight?? I LOVE THE NEW SEASON of Tv shows when they start, but I am UNHAPPY about many of my old favorites being cancelled...that will be another subject when its not so stormy out.. ENJOY YOUR TV TONIGHT I KNOW I WILL BE!!!