Scratch off tickets, which have better odds?

United States
October 14, 2009 1:00pm CST
they have scratch offs at varying prices now. anything from a dollar for 1 ticket to 20 dollars for 1 ticket and while of course the more you pay the bigger the price you are trying for (usually) i wonder that if you pay more if your odds of winning something or breaking even is better? i usually play the dollar ones and usually win a few bucks here and there but im too cheap to try the 20 dollar ones etc because at least with the dollar ones i usually play 3 tickets at a time (they are rumored to have a winning ticket every three tickets) 3 dollars lost is a lot better than 20! but i have heard of a lot more people winning something when they play those so im wondering if its worth the risk.. do you think the odds are the same as far as winning tickets? do you think the more you pay for the ticket the better the prizes or odds? im curious on the expensive ones but too much a cheapskate!