I was in the emergency room last night because of a tooth!

United States
@mentalward (14716)
November 5, 2009 5:36am CST
Nah, not as a patient. I had to take my son there because of something that one would not normally go to the hospital for. One of his wisdom teeth became abscessed and had him screaming in pain, all of a sudden. It was our typical "Spend Time With Mom Day" which was anything but typical. My oldest son overslept, so he didn't come over. My youngest son was here with me, though. We went out for lunch which was really fun. He helped me clean up the garage, then we started watching a movie when he suddenly rushed to the bathroom to put Anbesol on his tooth, which he said had been bothering him for 2 days but was nothing to worry about. Well, the time to worry came last evening. I had no idea it was so bad! He began howling and he's never been one to complain about pain. I called every oral surgeon in the area because that tooth simply has to come out. None were open. I did get one receptionist who said the dentist had gone for the day but I made an appointment for my son for this afternoon. He couldn't wait, though. If you've ever had an abscessed tooth, you know what that pain is like. So, being the dutiful Mom that I am, I took him to the ER. Astonishingly, the doctor there said he sees people with tooth abscesses quite often and my son was not even the first he had seen that day! So, after getting shot up with Novocaine and given antibiotics and Lortabs, I took him home. I'm sure he's pretty much floated through the night with those Lortabs! LOL Have you had wisdom tooth problems? Is there anyone who has NOT had wisdom tooth problems? Mine were all impacted and had to be surgically extracted when I was 24. I never even saw them! My face swelled up so badly it was comical! Even in all the pain I was, I had to laugh at myself. So, what is your wisdom tooth story?