What is the best time to buy shoes, morning or afternoon?

November 11, 2009 5:03am CST
I buy shoes whenever I have free time and I am on the mood to go shopping with endless round around the malls units. I usually buy shoes in the morning, Though my eyes catch the shoes in the shoes rack display with a beautiful design and shiny tote. After trying and fitting I walk around and see for myself on the reflection mirror how do look good on my new shoes. It look pretty on me and it match my needs just exactly what I needed. I feel alright and I heeded for the counter to pay it. Then, it is already afternoon when I get at home. Thus, I hurriedly get my new shoes to let my companion see it, but to my dismay as I could not fit my feet inside my shoes. It is tight and i do not feel good after walking. My toes and heels could not get in. What seem to be the defect? So, I hurriedly back on the store to replace it. A new pairs of shoes is try by me and it all turns out alright. I wonder what the difference between buying in the morning or in the afternoon? How about you, What do you think are the best time to buy shoes, morning or afternoon? Kindly shares your thoughts. thanks.