10 tips for having an affair with a safe

@advokatku (3997)
November 12, 2009 2:15am CST
cheating always - Do not even think to reduce the cost of your affair
friends, Here are some tips for those who have intention and/ or intent of planning for our spouse cheating ... (1) Do not do more 2 times, because if more than 2 times your feeling will talk. If you've sh*t like this feces horse can feel like chocolate. Families at home can not remember (2) Find a partner having an affair that parallels both in terms of economic and mentally. If your cheating partner weak economy, you will be used by she/ he all out. your cheat partner will call you in 57 times a day. Your chair sit like hot coals. (3) If your partner having an affair has shown symptoms of love, leave immediately. If you are late then your cheating partner will turn into "snot". If have stuck to your hand, even if you move your hands difficult to lose... (4) Do not sell out hope, especially if your partner including a pretty face/ good-looking but IQ squat. Your partner cheating can continue pursue your promise to marry, buy this, that and other (5) Make a deal in front of, sort of pre-nuptial agreement. That this relationship will only be such and such and no more and no less than that (6) The most important thing in world affairs, do not let you fall in love. If you're the type who should fall in love when cheating, you better marry or divorce and marry again (7) Do not even think to reduce the cost of your affair. If you type stingy better not try cheating, unless you're in the party who "financed" (8) do better at afternoon/ early morning, more difficult to trace and more easily and a lot of time to remove the traces; (9) Your weakness is your identity, looking for also weaknesses your affair partner. so the score remained 1:1 hold; (10) Do not forget to wear protection. That's about 10 tips for having an affair with a safe ... lol if any of the friends who want to add these tips of affair/ cheating ... I gladly invite .... Please give your response