Does your driving get better or worse in the winter?

@maezee (33383)
United States
December 15, 2009 9:48pm CST
I find that when the winter rolls around, and the roads get icy and snowy, and the traction of my car starts to suck pretty badly, I start following the posted speed limits, paying more attention to the roads, and generally - I (seasonally, temporarily) become a much BETTER and MORE ATTENTIVE driver. I find that with most other people I encounter on the roads, this isn't really the case. Last week when the mini-snow storm hit Minnesota (my part of it, Minneapolis) - I was cut off by TWO people in the same mile-stretch, going at least 10-15 over the speed limit, who slammed to a stop to turn in front of me. I was super upset because I felt like I was changing all of my habits for the better, and there are STILL crazies out there who don't do anything to better their driving skills during the winter! It's so frustrating! Anyway, I nearly slid into the median in the roads because I had to come to a stop so quickly - on snow, no less. Anyway. Do you ever feel the same way? That you improve your driving skills and habits during the winter, and no one seems to return the favor? People still follow too close, speed, cut people off, and act like maniacs? Or is this just me?
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@PastorP (1174)
• United States
17 Dec 09
I don't think my skills improve any, just used more. I look at skills as making adjustments for conditions. There's less stopping time on wet road and even less on snow, and near zilch, if not zilch on ice.
@bounce58 (17524)
• Canada
16 Dec 09
I always forget, and just drive my usual. Which is 10-15 over the speed limit. But since I almost hit the ditch yesterday, I have made sure to be within the speed limit. Like I said in one of your previous discussions, I don't have snow tires on me, so it pays to go as slow as I could. Actually, when there is black ice on the road, I find the road not as dangerous as the people who recklessly drive on these conditions. So, it's just not you.