What's the big deal about Saturday Night Fever?

@maezee (33288)
United States
December 22, 2009 7:36pm CST
That movies made in the '70's with John Travolta? I watched it the other day with my sister, who for some reason wanted to order it from Netflix, and I wasn't impressed at all! Not that I had high expectations or something, but it was definitely slightly pointless and disappointing. What the heck? What's the big deal about this movie? It's so famous but I can't understand why! What are your thoughts on the movie?
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@kiran8 (15389)
• Mangalore, India
16 Mar 10
Hi maezee, I happened to see it when it was released in the seventies and I loved it.The reason why it becamne a success was because it was the first of its kind. The film had a very hep story line and the dances and the songs were a craze and the whole treatment was different and Travolta became one of the most sougt after stars after the release of the film...To day there are many such films , probably much more polished and sophisticated and technically superior..but for those times it was a vastly different film and the audience loved it..
@UmiNoor (3535)
• Malaysia
14 Feb 10
It's when the movie was made. It was made during the time that disco was so popular. And the movie came out just at the right time. I think most things become famous because of the timing. Saturday Night Fever came out just at the right time.
@xfahctor (14131)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
23 Dec 09
ROFL!!! Well, congradulatins, you have just experienced one of the truly bad movies of the 70's. Now, you need to also see "Urban Cowboy", "Fame", and if you like bad horror..."the Car".
@TrvlArrngr (4058)
• United States
23 Dec 09
it was all about the disco era and anyone that lived thru it knows that disco was king.
@patgalca (14596)
• Orangeville, Ontario
23 Dec 09
TODAY, Saturday Night Fever would not be considered a big deal compared to the movies that are made today. But back then, Saturday Night Fever started a whole new dance revolution - disco. It's a totally different era and anyone born in the last 20 years probably wouldn't get it or appreciate it. This was the movie that MADE John Travolta. He became a star after that. It is also the movie that made the BeeGees I believe.
@balasri (26553)
• India
23 Dec 09
I think that one has to view this movie through the eye of the viewers of that period. I know that there are people who have different tastes, and maybe some younger viewers will not be able to relate to it, or appreciate it. This is a film that does what great films are supposed to do. The music score by The Bee Gees is one of the best eternally. And I am able to understand taste definitely differs.
• United States
23 Dec 09
Well, depends on how old you are. Alot of people think of Saturday night fever as a type of swooning movie as dirty dancing was. (Dirty dancing was way better to me though!) John Travolta was a type of Patrick Swayze if you will. lol