don't you hate it when...

December 23, 2009 2:04am CST
...workmen make a lot of noise in a quiet office? recently they have been coming in a few times daily and creating a lot of noise! It's happening very near me too, which makes me lose concentration! wish they'd at least explain what they are doing and minimise the inconvenience to everyone!
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@jillhill (37383)
• United States
23 Dec 09
It probably is very bothersome...but it's also probably very you are in a losing battle! In order to get the work done it probably will require some noise..grit your teeth and before you know the work will be done!
@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
23 Dec 09
YEah!! I do hatte it too, when my peace environment is being spoiled by some noise, or even worse, unnecessary noise!! haha =D Just like that, they will make me lose my focus, and be thinking what are they doing, or what causes them to be so happy etc.. haha =D ONce the curiousity in me arises, there goes my concentration!! hehe
@mcrowl (1050)
• New Zealand
23 Dec 09
I'm not sure how you expect workmen to work without making a noise. You write as if they were doing it on purpose and not being considerate to you. Just because you don't have a job that creates a lot of noise, that's no reason to expect workmen to be the same. And explaining what they're doing wouldn't make any difference to the noise levels. It sounds to me as though you'd never be satisfied!
@ahgong (10066)
• Singapore
23 Dec 09
Hmm... I thought these kinda inconveniences are usually done at night to minimize disruption to the people working in the office. Yeah, they can be really distracting if they are doing works that generate a lot of noise. Complaining to your supervisor is not helping huh?