Great example of a large family! Siobhan and Kit Healy + 13!

United States
@mommyboo (13267)
April 5, 2010 12:23pm CST
The media is so consumed with some enormous families, the majority of which do some odd things, in my opinion. I am watching a show about one that I am actually very happy with based on what I see. Unlike Jon and Kate, Siobhan and Kit Healy seem to have a good relationship. Unlike the Duggars, the kids are all socialized, go to school, play sports, and are not given 'jurisdictions' or made responsible for any of the younger kids. Yes they all help out with chores but mom and dad do them too. The Healys' have 3 sets of twins, boy mirror image twins, girl fraternal twins, and a set of preemie identical boy twins who were born 4 months premature. They have one singleton girl, and 6 older children from her previous marriage. 13 kids live in their household. Here is the info on the discovery health channel: Parenting a Baker's Dozen TV-G, CC With six kids from a previous marriage, the Healy's add one set of identical twins, then a singleton, then a set of fraternal twins, and now, without any fertility drugs, they have added two more identical twins, defying the 1-in-5 million odds. ******************* I love how they seem to have a normal life. Many times I see larger families do odd things or have a lot of outside help. I don't think it's necessary to homeschool a large family, to have any outside help, or do anything differently than a family with one or two kids. You just have to drive a van... or two, and figure out how you'll emotionally and physically and financially handle it.