Your blood sugar was what?? Did you take your bloodpressure meds this morning?

Garden Grove, California
@Hatley (98775)
April 11, 2010 12:03am CST
hi fellow mylotters have you ever had any experience taking doctor prescribed steroids? I had quite a scary experience that landed me in the ER. My blood sugar was 390 and when they got me in the ambulance my blood pressure was 210 over 69 which is way way too high. so spent all afternoon in the ER getting injections to bring down my blood pressure, two injections of insulin and I am type two who usually uses oral diabetic pills, and an iv of normal saline to flush out the steroids from my body,.It seems some diabetics cannot handle the steroids pushing up our blood sugar to much too high heights.The nurses kept asking me myname, my age, what year is this, what hospital are you in, what is todays date , so I knew they were concerned about a stroke. so finally they got my blood pressure down to a safe number and my blood glucose too, so was sent home.I took two more pills, then the last one I said no, you said I was done yesterday, so I tossed that pill .I will never ever let any doctor ever prescribe a steroid for me. they will have to use a safe medication instead.I almost died there b ecause of this.All this trouble because I had a allergic reaction on my right leg, all broke out. your intake please and your experience with steroids prescribed by your doctors.