Why are dog owners so disrespectful of others?

@la_chique (1479)
June 7, 2010 7:02am CST
I hate dog owners. Well generally I hate dog owners in my town. They never pick up after their dogs when they make a mess, they allow their dogs off their leash in public places where children play even though there's always signs up to say that its not allowed and they allow their dogs to fiercely bark at strangers and just laugh when they do it. I'm really scared of dogs. I dont mind if people walk them on a lead and keep them away from me, but I dont appreciate dog walkers who just let their dogs come up to me and let them bark and get mad and dont try to stop them. Yesterday I was gardening in my front garden. I dont have such a big front garden. Its just big enough to put a car on the drive with a path directly beside the drive. I had the path gate open but not the drive gates. My car was parked on the road out of the way. Out of nowhere appeared a black labrador off a leash. It walked past the path gate and then noticed me and my partner were in the garden so it stood by the driveway gate and looked at us for a moment and then went totally crazy. Barking and snarling. it had foam all around its mouth and looked like it was diseased. I was terrified and muy other half wasnt feeling much better and then we heard someone say "stop berking and being silly". An old woman appeared and my partner shouted "would you mind putting your dog on a lead!" to which she completely ignored. Didnt even apologise. What was even more terrible was that she had a toddler with her (no older than about 16 months) who was waering a child harness and reins! As soon as I saw the kid, I shouted "funny that you put a leash on your baby but not on your rabid dog. Because toddlers are always attacking and killing people aren't they." My partner thought I'd gone too far saying that and asked me to keep my voice down so the woman wouldnt set the dog on me, but I just said I'd like to see her try seen as I was holding a shovel. If the dog had entered my property, I'd have had no qualms in hitting it with the shovel to protect myself. Has anyone else experienced this, and does it annoy you? I dont know how people can be so horrible. Dogs are dangerous at the end of the day. They're hunting animals and their basic instinct is to kill if threatened. Even if the dog owner has never been threatened by their dog, the way I feel and freak out when I see a dog is enough to rial that instinct in dogs and that's why they try to go for me. I dont know why people cant see the responsibility they have to other people when they own a dog. What do you think about the behaviour of dog owners? What are the laws like in your country to protect innocent non-dog-owners?