Do you dislike slow cashiers?

By Link
United States
August 14, 2010 12:53pm CST
I go to Wal-mart for grocery shopping so we usually have a cart full of stuff just like everyone else. Well the people at the store are bad enough being slow, but then you get these super slow cashiers. They aren't even elderly people (actually the elderly lady that works as a cashier where I go is really fast!). Its like they are too relaxed at their job. They already get to have a nice relaxed dress code which I don't mind, but then they want to chat about everything you bought, or they are just really slow in general. I stood in line for over 10 mins with only two people ahead of me and not that much stuff. I couldn't believe how slow this girl was going, it made me want to cry. They she had the nerve to stop and look at the shirts we were buying and ask us if we saw the ones with the stripes. Now, I'm all for having a nice cashier, but we don't need to converse if it interrupts with their speed of checking people out. You can be nice and also be fast and get people out promptly. I feel like just helping them out sometimes, or doing it myself. And yes I know they have self-checkout machines but if you have more than a few things it is reeeeallly irritating and the machines don't work well and it is slow and the thing says you didn't put the item in the bag when you did so every couple of items you have to wait for someone to come over and put in their key code. So it isn't worth it unless you have just a few items. So what about you, do you have a lot of slow cashiers where you shop?