My stomach hurts

United States
@ElicBxn (57003)
September 10, 2010 3:56pm CST
But I couldn't tell you exactly what is wrong. I was worried that I would either throw up or have diarrhea, and I'm still not sure. My stomach is kind of queasy, but I just don't know what it wants to do. I'm hot and then I'm cold... if I'm cool then walk into an air conditioned room then I feel chilled but if I'm warm and go outside then I feel like I'm burning up. I sure hope I'm not getting sick, I hate to be sick. Ya know, I was feeling all right until the cat started acting like she was going to throw up... strange. Tho the hot/cold thing started after I got chilled at the doctor's office yesterday. hope you are feeling better than I am... so, how are you?