Broken toe... walking boot?

United States
@mommyboo (13267)
September 23, 2010 2:58pm CST
I need some advice from anybody who has ever broken their big toe or a bone in their foot. I went to urgent care today to have it xrayed and it's broken straight down the center. The PA wants me to get one of those walking boot things to help immobilize my foot/toe so I can walk - I don't really have a choice to NOT WALK because I have things to do and kids. Anyway, I'm trying to get ahold of the office to see if they can order me one, they did not have one that would fit and he wrote me a prescription but I called all the medical supply offices and none of them apparently carry things like this. I am stumped, and at my wit's end. I called my regular doctor too but they are at lunch, plus I don't know if they can provide me with what I need either. I don't want to go see another doctor after I have already seen one and xrays confirm the break. Should I worry about it and try to do what I can to get the boot thing? Does anybody know if a regular pharmacy would carry these and fill a script? Thanks