Is fruit on a pizza weird?

United States
November 30, 2010 4:35pm CST
it seems gross to me.
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30 Nov 10
Not really, I love pineapple on a pizza, I even remember ordering a pizza and somehow ending up with banana on it, I wouldnt purposely order it again but it wasnt exactly bad. I havent tried any other fruit (except tomato) but as long as I actually like the fruit I would probably give it a go!
• United States
5 Dec 10
Not at all. I absolutely love pineapple on my pizzas. Also, since tomato is technically a fruit, and no pizza(in my mind) is complete without tomato sauce, I would argue that a pizza without fruit is more strange than one with. Happy mylotting.
@mysdianait (64056)
• Italy
2 Dec 10
Try a pizza with gorgonzola cheese and pears and you might change your mind. It is delicious!
• United States
1 Dec 10
My mom likes Pineapple on her pizza. I've tried it also myself. I don't mind it much, but I don't like it too much either.
@jillhill (37383)
• United States
1 Dec 10
I actually love it....pineapple with canadian bacon or pepperoni! Yummy. I have had just fruit pizza too and that is yummy and I am not even a fruit fan!
@Janey1966 (24126)
• Carlisle, England
1 Dec 10
Well, no, because tomato (which is a fruit) is in most pizzas.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
30 Nov 10
I am pretty much a pizza addict. I take pizza for lunch and also for dinner quite often. My favorite topping is Hawaiian pizza, thick crust, lots of cheese, and lots of pineapple. I could not think of any other fruit. If it were to be another fruit, that might not taste well on pizza. Hawaiian pizza with pineapple is really yummy, yummy !
@ShepherdSpy (8562)
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
30 Nov 10
A Popular fresh or frozen pizza topping here is the "Hawaiian" Pizza,featuring Ham and Pineapple..I like it..I think the sweet zing of the pineapple balances well with the saltiness of the ham...
@pino69 (57)
• Belgium
30 Nov 10
Not really, pre made pizza's have that mostly but real pizza's sometimes. Every body his choice.