Money can't buy happiness?

January 24, 2011 10:36pm CST
Really??? I don't know if I truly agree with this saying...sure, it may not be able to change a person's soul. For example, if a person is really lonely, but has a load of money, and the only thing that would make this person happy would be to have a family with kids, then sure, the saying holds some ground. But if we're talking about material possessions and being debt free for once in our lives, then the saying if flawed. Money can buy a person happiness. It would make me SO happy to be debt free and not have to worry about bills or rent or if my car will make it until next payday with the gas that's in the tank, not to mention if it breaks down. Where does the money for that come from? lol So, what do you think? Can money buy you happiness? Or is money the root of all evil?