Idaho passes bill limiting collective bargaining powers of teachers!

@Taskr36 (13923)
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March 8, 2011 5:09pm CST
I just want to start by saying thumbs up to the democrats there for having the gets to do their job instead of running away like children when things didn't go their way. They respected the voters and the democratic process there even when they knew they wouldn't win the vote. Aside from that I think the bill that passed has some excellent parts that will really improve schools in that state while also helping their budget. "The Idaho bill also ends teacher tenure, limits contracts to one year and ends the “last in, first out” method that most school districts use when determining teacher layoffs. Collective bargaining would be completely banned in any district where the union is unable to prove that at least half the district’s teachers are members. Any thoughts? Should the democrats their have embraced the "Flee Party" mentality that has infected Wisconsin and Indiana? Did they do the right thing by standing their ground and voting?
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9 Mar 11
I actually like this idea because it limits tenure or puts an end to it. I know a lot of people say "Well, teachers should have tenure". No. Not all teachers should have tenure. I had a teacher who had tenure, and she was the worst teacher ever. None of her students liked her, and people were wishing that the district would fire her, but that witch made it to retirement. She yelled at her students all of the time, she called them names, she was abusive, and students wouldn't want to come to her classes because of how uninterested she would be in the subjects that she taught. This woman clearly wasn't fit to teach, but the district let her stay for thirty years. That is an outrage!
@flowerchilde (12547)
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9 Mar 11
I love Wisconsin but if it were up to me I'd flee the state too! To escape having to pay for this disgusting fiasco! Imagine! Idaho letting the voters get their way! What a novel idea.