Garbage and recycling

@maximax8 (28558)
United Kingdom
April 8, 2011 8:23am CST
In my road we have to put out our garbage every two weeks in a black bin. Today the garbage collectors took the lid of my bin and went off with it. I phoned my local council to tell them about this. They will have to give me a new bin. We have to put out our recycling out every week. My local council are trying to get people to do lots and lots more recycling. Why do you think the garbage collectors took the lid off my bin and went off with it? Do you have much garbage and how to do get rid of it? Have you done much recycling?
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13 Apr 11
Thats a bit strange they took the lid unless it was an accident! We get out black bins emptied every week and the green ones for the grass waste every two weeks. Also we have brown ones for glass and then blue for paper waste. So overall we have quite a good recycling system in place I suppose!
@zeloguy (4913)
• United States
11 Apr 11
Wow every 2 weeks that is a long time between pickups. I had our local garbage man throw away my WHOLE TRASHCAN! No kidding. The largest can in our Home Owners manual is supposed to be like 35 gallons and our trash can was 50 gallon. Additionally, no garbage is supposed to be put out out of a can (just the trash bag). So... one day I had one bag of trash and left it in the can that goes under my kitchen sink thinking they can't complain my trash can is too BIG and they can't complain that I don't have my garbage in just a trash bag. Woke up the next morning and EVERYTHING was gone... including my trashcan. I finally broke down bought a smaller (30 gallon) trash can and everything has been OK since then but those trash cans are a lot of $$$ Thanks. Zelo
@bounce58 (17524)
• Canada
11 Apr 11
We do a lot of recycling to where we are. We are given a blue box for our recycled materials which we put out everyweek. It's usually just a yellow bag for paper and cardboard, and the blue box for the bottles and cans. A private company takes care of our recycling here in the township, so it is not so difficult to ask for replacement as it is most likely their trucks that take away bags or break the boxes.
@albto_568 (1268)
• Costa Rica
10 Apr 11
Every month, I discard the recyclable garbage, specially paper, at a reciclyng point, I sent broken glass to another point, and other garbage is colected by other companies, this are private companies, the city authorities, has not a descent recycling program. I believe that people shoul recycle more, but, other important point, seldom pointed is to consume less. Regarding you binĀ“s lid, maybe they took it by mistake.
@babyanna (1217)
• China
9 Apr 11
Hi,maximax8! Honestly,I don't know why he took the lid off your bin.I have never had this kind of situations before.Hehe.The recycling system in my country is far from being satisfactory.We simply put the garbage into some big ones in the community and then a truck would come and collect all of it.We don't know how they deal with if or where they put it.We do have bins for recyclable ones and unrecyclable ones,but the government is doing a terrible job in this since they never hand out those small instructions about how to put the garbage into the right place.We really need to learn how to recycle from Japan. Have a wonderful weekend!
@SViswan (12071)
• India
9 Apr 11
There's nothing that's that organized..where I live or anywhere close to where I live for that matter. No organized recycling and with garbage dumped on the road...getting people to dispose right is the hardest thing. I stay at an apartment complex. No one segregates...all the garbage (wet/dry/cardboard/thermocol/plastic) is all dumped in plastic bags and kept outside each door. The housekeeping staff pick each up (sometimes there are dirty stuff oozing out and some people do not even have the decency to tie up the bags) and then dump it in 2 bins near the gate (the bins are not enough for an apartment complex)and we have someone come and pick it up to dispose (I have no clue where it then goes).
@ElicBxn (60895)
• United States
9 Apr 11
we get garbage picked up every week and recycling every other, good think, I doubt they could pick up two weeks worth of cat litter! I also know one day I came home and they'd taken my BIN. I called and they said they'd bring another one in 2 or 3 weeks... excuse me? I said - but what do you want me to put next weeks trash into? They said just put it out in bags, so I did... all the cat litter they had to pick up by themselves rather than the machine... I'm sure THEY complained and got that dumper out FAST!
@RawBill1 (8542)
• Gold Coast, Australia
8 Apr 11
We have a regular garbage collection every week here and the recycling gets collected every two weeks. We hardly have anything in our regular garbage every week as most of our food scraps and waste is composted. We only fill our recycling bin about 3/4 full most of the time too as we do not get too much food that is in packaging. Most of our recycling is cardboard scraps. I think we do pretty well, considering that we run a business from home too which would normally create lots of waste. Luckily we are able to re-use most waste that we generate.
@kiran8 (15401)
• Mangalore, India
8 Apr 11
Hi maximax, I still admire the system in your country where the garbage collection and disposal has been regularised. In my own locality, we have someone who comes to collect our garbage which we keep in a plastic bag and we pay him every month for this.In my own case I use up all kitchen waste and garden refuse to make compost and paper and coconut frond which we get in plenty is burnt and the ash mixed with the compost. The only things I give to the garbage collector is the plastic bags, broken glass and other stuff that is not degradable. I wonder if it was a mistake by one of them to take away the lid from your garbage bin, probably without realising...all the best
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
8 Apr 11
fortunately we dont have to pay for garbage removal; however, in saying that, we are only allowed to put one bag of garbage, as much recycling and food waste (we get special bins for those) as we want.
@neenie (344)
• United States
8 Apr 11
They probably just did it by accident or weren't paying attention. Sucks for you though. We have to buy our recycle bins from the city here. I've had TWO that have both been stolen. If I have a lot of recycling now, I will put it out by the curb in a box.. but they always take my box too! lol, I wasn't trying to give them the box, just the recycling. Let us know if they do give you a new bin!
@tigeraunt (6331)
• Philippines
8 Apr 11
hi maxim, seems so many are undisciplined when it comes to garbage segregation here. every now and then there are agencies that goes to each municipality to teach segregation but when the garbage collector comes, everything in the bin - is placed in the garbage truck all at ones. so where is the segregation? in the office, we have requested for several garbage bins for public use because we are near a market and the garbage has to be taken out every day. but it has been a month and no new bins are placed thereat. agency concerned says no new bins have been purchased. so i am thinking the city's money has been used for other purposes. too bad. ann