The American people are entitled to demand a full accounting

@sharone74 (4839)
United States
May 15, 2011 1:37pm CST
We the people should have the right via our surrogates in Washington, and in state and local government to audit each and every seperate department and entity of the US government until we find all of the siphons that crooked politicians have put into the money collected from the pockets of the working people of the United States. Every single agency, department, and governmental budget funded by the taxes that we pay should be more than happy to pull out the books and then pull out the hooks that previous administrators and politicians put in during their tenure to steal money from the budgets of these agencies. There is at least one in every single government funded budget. You see the reason that we are failing financially is not due to the collective politicians in office stealing from us, though they have their share of nifty thieves too. Politicians know that they have only so long in office before they have to hand their position over to the next person. Most of them will fight tooth and claw to more up in government to a more senior role rather than allow themselves to be cast out of government and back into the real world where the only budget they have to work with and finagle is their own, and with no public funds to steal they may even face ruin as a result of their expenses matching their income. What they do during their terms is sneak in little cheats and they poke little holes in the dark or fuzzy areas of the budget of any governmental fund that they get to administrate or manage. Many of the contracts and programs that they institute continue on in perpetuity so that the money keeps coming even when they move on, up, or out. As long as they stay in politics in a senior role to the previous one they can manage the financial sink holes that they poked into each budget and fund to insure that they are not discontinued so that they keep getting paid. Even if they come back to the private sector, barring a discontinuation of the program or budget they are siphoning funds from or a deep audit, they will continue to get paid in perpetuity probably even after they die, as long as the accounts and the accounting remain in place the money continues to get siphoned off. So I say that the American people should audit each budget individaully. Either pay off or rewrite every contactual agreement that they have, scrutinizing the recipient and the neccessity and strip away any and all of the ones that are ever questionable, or make the questionable party that is taking money from them come into a public hearing and state their case as to why they get the money, why they need it, and what they do with it. Based on those merits their payments should be adjusted, cancelled, or continued as they are. Of coutse there will be some leeches who are in position to keep from being found and removed, and there are new ones who will attach themselves to the new budgets and programs, or will bribe the bean counters to look the other way and let them stay. There will be some spots where the fix is in so grandfathered in deep that there is no way to get them out, but we would recover billions of dollars in lost revenue that we could put towards legitimate needs and expenditures, and maybe even some to the national debt.
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@bobmnu (8160)
• United States
19 May 11
I think the full accounting should include are they doing what they were set up to do or have they gone their own way. Take the Department of energy. They were charged with developing an energy policy to develop our natural resources and make us less dependent on foreign oil. We are more dependent now that then. Get rid of it and save the money. Look at the Department of Education and the test scores. Our students are worse off now than when the Department was started. Since early in this countries history the government has been a place to hire your friends and supporters and it is alive and well today.
@baileycows (3669)
• United States
15 May 11
Really? They don't want us to see their budgets because we could do better than them. All these guys are crazy. The government is not on our side and the faster the American people see this the better.