Migration of people

@maximax8 (28906)
United Kingdom
August 10, 2011 8:53am CST
In my home country it is reasonably pleasant to live. Some people like to migrate to another English speaking country typically Australia and New Zealand are favorite choices. It is very challenging to migrate to the USA but some people in other countries win a Green Card. Like Irish people are able to enter that lottery. Some people in a poor country or one with some sort of trouble like to migrate illegally to another nice country. I feel very sorry for such people that often face a dangerous journey at the hands of people smugglers. Africa has many poor countries and some of the people cross illegally into Europe. What do you think of the illegal migrations? What do you feel about the reasons why a person emigrates to another country when he or she gets a stamp in the passport saying yes? Have you ever considering migrating from your home country?
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@bounce58 (17524)
• Canada
15 Aug 11
Emigration... I have and I did. It is sad that when I did, there were other people more deserving than me to live in another country. I had a good job, and a good career which was the exact reason I was invited to move. But when I had the opportunity, I decided to go because I saw it as an opportunity for my children.
@ElicBxn (60894)
• United States
11 Aug 11
I've never even wanted to leave my home state. There are times, like this summer, moving someplace cool sounds very appealing tho...
• Romania
10 Aug 11
I think people that emigrates from one reason or another don't do this just for fun. I feel pity from those people trying to immigrate for a better job so they can support their families back home, but mostly for those trying to do this illegal. You can imagine being in their situation with no money, no job and no economy in your country, yet with a whole family to support. If I were to leave my country I won't do this because of the money and I won't certainly let my family home. I would go to a quiet place with a beautiful landscape and civilized people, because when it comes to money back here in Europe if you work enough you have enough.
@ShepherdSpy (8562)
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
10 Aug 11
I don't think people who'd undertake the risks of illegal immigration to try and make a better life for themselves or their families would say they like what they're doing..they seem to have no prospects where they'd call home,and an attempt at reaching a country illegally with a hope of a better standard of living or earning money seems to be something of a last resort for them.. They'd have many difficulties on the Journey there only to face deportation when they get to their intended destination..I've seen a couple of documentaries not long ago,one about a couple of teens trying to get from South America into the US,riding on the roof of a train to get there,and one fellow traveller was no longer there one morning after the train drove all night..they assumed He'd fallen asleep,exhausted,and fallen off the train while he slept-he'd have had no way to anchor himself on the train's roof....Another followed 2 UK citizens,both Journalists,One whose Family was African,the other I think,Afghani..they traced 2 of the routes people took trying to make their way into the EU,with Greece their intended crossing point,with the intention of getting to Northern France and a chance of smuggling themselves onto a Truck bound for England..It did not look like a successful way of starting a new life..Though the African reporter allegedly was in a position to bribe an official to gain a faked official passport,so if finances permitted,He could have flown right into Heathrow with it..
• Indonesia
10 Aug 11
People migrate for many different reasons. These reasons can be classified as either economic, social, political or environmental: Economic migration may involve moving to find work or follow a particular career path. Social migration may involve moving somewhere for a better quality of life or to be closer to family or friends. If someone is a political migrant they may be moving to escape political persecution or war. Environmental causes of migration include natural disasters such as flooding. Some people choose to migrate, eg someone who moves to another country to enhance their career opportunities. Some people are forced to migrate, eg someone who moves away from their home region due to war or famine. Often those who are forced to migrate become refugees. A refugee is someone who has left their home and does not have a new home to go to. Often refugees do not carry many possessions with them and do not have a clear idea of where they may finally settle. Push and pull factors are often used to explain why people migrate: Push factors are the reasons why people leave an area, ie what pushes them away from their home. Push factors include: lack of services, lack of safety, high crime,crop failure,drought, flooding, poverty and war. Pull factors are the reasons why people move to a particular area, ie what pulls them to a new place. Pull factors include: higher employment, more wealth, better services, good climate, safer, less crime, political stability, more fertile land,lower risk from natural hazards. Migration usually happens as a result of a combination of these factors.
@GreenMoo (11842)
10 Aug 11
You're from the UK, right? So am I. And I'm currently ashamed to be. The last thing would describe my home country as just now would be a 'reasonably pleasant to live'!!!!